Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Put on my Blue Suede Shoes and I...ran in the High Heel Race

No no no I didn't run in the high heel race! I just love that song know, "Walking in Memphis."

What am I doing on here again? The more I write on this blog, the more I realize how difficult it is to create postings on here. I used to always harp on my friends for not updating their blogs, but now I feel their frustration. What should I write about? Is my life really this boring? Don't answer those questions please, for I already know the answer.

So the High Heel Race was yesterday. As my frozen toes continue to thaw, I've long reflected on that night. Whether it was the Washington Monument man (or woman?) running down the streets or the queen falling on her high heels, the event always produces a laugh and lots of drunk, cackling straight girls. But heck, what else is there to do on a Tuesday night?

So a tree fell down on the George Washington Parkway on my way home from work last night. TWO HOURS TO GET HOME FROM MCLEAN! That's like only 11 miles. Think there's a traffic problem in this city? Nah...

So my dog has this habit of stepping in her "excrements" after she does her business. I find this repulsive because my pup usually sleeps with me in bed (no jokes please). I've been trying to find ways to correct this problem, but she always seems determined to make that first step right into the puddle. Any suggestions on how to alleviate this problem? Cleaning her paws after every walk sucks!

That's all for now....


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At 7:42 AM, Blogger AJH said...

Blogging is tough. It took me almost a month to get into a regular habit of it and then another month to learn the art of weeding my ideas down to a single good post. Just give it time.


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